Laser goggles made in China

Sport Green Laser Safety Goggles (520nm – 590nm)

Applicable people: laser operators, computer operators, drivers, gas welders, electric welders, high-temperature furnace operators, medical or industrial personnel operating X-ray fluoroscopy; suitable for ultraviolet lasers, excimer lasers, neodymium glass lasers, semiconductors Protection of lasers, CO lasers, neodymium-doped garnet lasers, ruby lasers, CO2 lasers, gallium arsenide lasers and other lasers


Sport Green Laser Safety Eyewearfor 520nm – 590nm protection. Green lasers and laser pointers can be extremely bright and powerful. Ensure your safety with certified Green laser safety eyewear.

Protection wavelength range: 520nm – 590nm
Protection features: all-round absorption
Visible light transmittance: >50%
Optical Density (O.D.): > 2.5
Certification: CE certified, EN207: 1998+A1: 2002
Frame: New 9C
Typical Lasers: 532nm

Included with your order:

  • 1 x Black Cleaning Fabric
  • 1 x Black Hard Case

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