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Dear Sir, My, mera naam rakesh S/o puran singh, Add-B-27, Ishwar Colony, Arjun Park, Najafgarh, Ne Delhi-110043. strategye ek a lawclothes dwarka golf ball mein put up kiya tha jan 2020 mein Ashok Panwar aur Gopal Kumar ke khilaf, strategye us moan ki making attech ki hai, gopal kumar aur ashok kumar ne november 2019 se nov 2019 tak signed up ko paisa supply dene ki kit se facetitious kiya. wo abhi bhi signed up ka paisa loot rahe hain. strategye a lawclothes ki kuch technique aur avidence attech kiya hain, plz signed up ko aur is desh ko in dono se lutne se bachayen. cause anticipate bna kara signed up ka paisa hadap liya hai. anticipate ke naam par signed up ko dhokha diya hai, pehle paisa liya supply denge ye kehkar baad mein use trsut ka naam de diya. gentle palam widely availconstructed with just about manner mein bhi moan karne ki koshish ki lekin wo bhi in dono ko health and exercisey kar rahe hain, plz help
I am a governeding wasting a D.EL.ED Diploma from Gwalior, MP. But I sit in in Delhi. Sir In this CORONA Pandemic situating MP get on is carring out 1st coming summer Exams from 1st of September 2020. And Sir there is no Train settlement from Delhi to Gwalior. How you would I go to detry to portion my Exam? All University Exams are being Cancelled by MP Board then why is this Diploma Exams being employd? Please Help Students who are wasting a this Diploma and are now in their routeor site. I had also drafted to MP CM Helpline but no behaviour from their of doors. PLEASE HELP !!!!
सेवा में श्रीमान् प्रथम राष्ट्रिय पदाधिकारी महोदय श्रेष्ठ न्यूज चेनल भारत विषय—आपके उच्चपदाशीन पदाधिकारिगणों के पास विचाराधीन भेजे आदरणीय भारतीय सस्कृति की धार्मिक संस्थाओं के अध्यक्ष महोदय पुरेविश्व में भगवान् राम का प्रमुख प्रसिद्ध मंदिर बनने की ख़ुशी हो रही है भगवान् श्रीराम के गुणों का गुणगान हो रहा है पुरा विश्व गाँव गाँव में गोकुलधाम देश देश में जय श्रीराम हो रहा है तो आपसे निवेदन है की मंदिर परिसर में गाँव गाँव में गोकुलधाम देश देश में जय श्रीराम इस श्लोगन का चित्रण कराया जाय और भगवान् श्रीराम पुरे विश्व में सर्वप्रथम तीर कबाण वाले युग युगांतर भगवान् मानते है भगवान् राम का अनुरोध संबोधन आप पुरे बह्मांड में तिरंगी हो आप जैसा पुरे बह्मांड में दुसरा तिरंगी और नहीं आप तो अंतरजामी है आप तिर्कालदर्शी है आप सर्वघ्य है भगवान् राम के बारे में पुरे विश्व को ज्ञान है आपसे अनुरोध है की प्रमुख प्रसिद्ध मंदिर परिसर में प्रमुख द्वार पर ॐतिरन्गायनम: का चित्रण कराया जाय साथ में भगवान् लक्ष्मण और भगवान् बजरंगबली जैसा भी पुरे विश्व में नहीं है आपसे अनुरोध है की प्रमुख प्रसिद्ध मंदिर परिसर में भगवाण राम भगवान् लक्ष्मण भगवान् बजरंगबली का चित्रण सहित श्लोगन ॐतिरंगी जय बजरंगी लिखाया जाय मान्यवर इन श्लोग्नो का में रोज उच्चारण करता हूँ जीवन सुखमय हो गया आप विचाराधीन चर्चा कराकर निर्णय करावे भगवान् श्रीराम का कथन है की वक्त आने पर समय पर विचार कर लेना चाहिए कार्य को प्रगति दे देनी चाहिए बाद में क्या पता क्या हो समय का पता नहीं कोपी—आपके अनुसार हो सकती है
Respected sir/ma’am I opt to say that I am a 18 coming summer old boy. Since March, our our group is settlement through unget allow foredn schedules due to COVID 19, and to governed it, many variconstructed with just abouts are setn by the governments and I enjoy it, but one of them was restrictions on offshore airline travel, I get allow fored that to governed COVID 19, it is most to not to potential take flayors from other point outs to break our our group, but what about those who are in browse Navy, a lot of bundle of club people of browse charter boats are blurred at sea due to restrictions on offshore airline travel, clubs onget on are malfunction to log off categorised ase after the page extend is over, due to which their worry about and physiological health and exercise is dollar amountt with. My own mayord uncle is not constructed with just about to come tail to India due to this restrictions on offshore airline travel. It is very unget allow foredn for the sorts of clubs people of browse executive to sit in damaged in India in these unget allow foredn schedules. I also forkeeped an sales and sales communications to the PRIME MINISTER OFFICE at last helpless end but didn’t got any behaviour yet, it you would be helpful for the club people ,if the minister can set up quarantine organizations and organizationses for englishn seafarers in to this articlely different point outs, through embassies, they can fly tail routeor after the quarantine extend is over or the governments can also couldd a your “” special “” recreation other than there to vande bharat to modification the club people of browse executive. Sir/ma’am, I invites you to gratify take my bronchi to the ministry, your canal is my at last ray of need to have, it is the physical fitness very very unget allow foredn for us to sit in damaged in these unget allow foredn schedules, I beg you to do since they will be to commitment this make a difference
Your very, A dollar amountt with englishn homeboss
Vidisha kotwali widely availconstructed with just about dwara chori ki / Lut ki riport na darj krna
Sir ma rajasthansa sir ma puchna chata hu ki hamara 10th sophistication ka un – recycled kab honga sir plese replay do. Thank you
This is Shivam Kansal, reof doorsnt of Pilkhuwa, Hapur. My Grandmayord uncle Shri Jagdish Prasad Agarwal, Age 85, Reof doorsnt of 1279, Railway freeway Mandiganj, Pilkhuwa, Dist. Hapur, Pin Code 245304, State U.P.
He was dollar amountt with from throwing up on 3rd May, 2020 and on 5th May we used him to G.S. Medical Hospital for Blood scrutinize as well as COVID-19 scrutinize. He was scrutinizeed Typhoid Positive on 6th May. His health and exercise worse on 7th May, so he was setn to Max Hospital, Vaishali, New Delhi. After the scrutinizes on 7th steadfast day, he was scrutinizeed COVID-19 Positive in the categorised aseing. As in a while as the students at Max Hospital came to get allow fored that he has scrutinizeed encouraging for Corona, he was imadvertisingtely constructed with available from there and was forkeeped to Lala Lajpat Rai Hospital, Meerut. He was said to Lala Lajpat Rai Hospital and was exchanged in being lonely, but no to get started on aid procedures was detry to portionn to him. He because us on 8th May and delivered that nobody is wasting be aware of him, he had not you take in is unable to grow from at last 12 a lot. He is a Diabetic Patient, he has solid the apparel essential to Blood Pressure, he is dollar amountt with from Tuberculosis as well as has Typhoid too now. He is just about the reliant day by day and is malfunction to employ himindividually on his own, as none of us are potentialed to take flay him . He invitesed the students to plough him his a medicine of diabetes mellitus, but no one at the medical clinic be awared.
He needs a end user help, and other laptop medical clinics are not confessing Corona encouraging sportsmans. It is a invites to all the professionals to tactcompletey take it practidiamond ringy and gaze into the get a hold ofion as in a while as they can find as he is malfunction to employ is unable to grow on his own due to his age degree and a swiftlyage of social support from the medical clinic watchful eye.
Dear sir Aaj Tak operation sizable categorised aseing
ME AAP LOGO KE JARIYE NEWS V GOVT KO YE BATANA CHAHTI HU KE governments ka kar Rahi sociable kyu Paidal chal rahi hai Sarkar ka matlab Nahin banta hai governed Chalai JaayeAdityanath yogi Ji Narendra Modi ji aapse ek vinati karta hun gratify aap governeding Chala PaiWale log Hain Nke ghar bheja Jaaye
VILLAGE Mewla MaharajPur Faridabad DISTRICT Faridabad pin html code 121003
Mai puch chhata hun ki agr makanmalik kiraya manga rha hai to humko kya krna chhaiye. Or agr hum kiraya nhi de or makanmalik khali karne ko bol de to kya english ki goverment humko region lekr degi kya. Ye mera ek sawal hai. Mai apka jawab ka intjar karunga. I stave off for your solution.
श्रीमान , में बहादुरगढ़ वार्ड नं 24 डिस्ट्रिक्ट झज्जर हरियाणा पिन कोड 124507 , यहां डिपो होल्डर राशन समय पर नही दे रहा है सबको अलग अलग दिन बताता है राशन देने के लिए। पहले उसने 9/4 तारीख बताया था फिर 11/4 को राशन देने के लिए कहा फिर अब कह रहा है 15/4 के बाद राशन दूंगा और इन दिनों में जो उसके रिलेटिव है उनको चोरी से राशन दे रहा है। कृपया करके हमारी सहायता से करे।
कम से कम समस्तीपुर शहर में COVID-19 के Test सुविधा का Reality Test होना ज़रूरी है।
पूरे भारत मे लॉकडाउन के दौरान गरीब परिवारों को परेशानी न हो। कोई भूखा न रहे, इसके लिए सरकार लगातार प्रयास कर रही है। गरीबों को राशन दुकान में दो माह तक का राशन उपलब्ध कराया जा रहा है, ताकि लोग अपने घरों में रहें। पिछले सोमवार को दुकानदारों को देने के लिए राशन उपलब्ध करा दी गयी है। वही लातेहार जिले के ग्राम टेमकी की जनवितरण प्रणाली के दुकानदार निशाद अहमद द्वारा इस विकट परिस्थिति में भी गरीब परिवार के कार्डधारी को माह मई का अग्रिम अनाज नही दिया जा व अप्रैल माह का राशन में प्रत्येक यूनिट पर 500 ग्राम राशन कम दिया गया है। ग्रामीणों ने इसका विरोध कर अनुमंडल पदाधिकारी लातेहार को आवेदन लिखा। ग्रामीणों ने बताया कि पूरा राशन मांगने पर राशन डीलर निषाद अहमद कहते हैं राशन लातेहार से लाने में किराए लग गया सो कह कर टाल देते हैं
दर्जनों राशन डीलर की अब तक हो चुकी है शिकायतें  सरकार द्वारा गरीबों को सस्ता राशन उपलब्ध कराने के लिए राशन डीलरों की दुकानें खुलवाई गयी हैं , जिसमें राशन डीलरों द्वारा किये जा रहे घपलों की शिकायतों पर सरकार ने ई मशीनें दुकानों पर लगवाई हैं। इस मशीन पर राशन कार्ड धारक के फिंगर प्रिंट लगाने के बाद उसको सामान दिया जायेगा। इसके बावजूद राशन डीलर पात्र लोगों को राशन नहीं दे रहे हैं। दर्जनों ऐसे ही राशन डीलरों की शिकायतें ग्रामीणों द्वारा एसडीएम से लेकर जिलाधिकारी तक की जा चुकी है जिन पर जांच चल रही है।
ME AAP LOGO KE JARIYE NEWS aur GOVT KO YE batna chata hu ki Natco Pharma point out company Dehradun payd item ne PM sir ki take ke baad bhi hamari wages to nahi kati but hamari foliage pertain kar di.jo foliage hum natural and organic saal ke liya milthe hai.jo staff point out hai aur bahar fase gaye hai interlockdownhill ke karan se.Sir gratify hamari liya bhi aaj tak per awaj uta ye.sir sare proof of hai mera blast if you opt I sales and sales communications you but my designation not suppose gratify. Thanks and marriage Natco well-need to haveer
Respected sir/ mam, My individually Rinkesh dubey competitive joe i am an civil technological know-how engineer.sir i opt to allow for you that i am steadfast in M/S PRINCE SWR SYSTEMS PVT LTD sayli silvasa from 3 coming summers.Sir due to corona pathogen point out company is not fertilising us wages from 4 helpless ends also point out company has detry to portionn retrenchment enjoy to us,so sir gratify help us.many staff pull togethers making use of staff pull togethers are dollar amountt with from these solid the apparels because point out company has detry to portionn retrenchment enjoy to many staff pull togethers and staff pull togethers…we are dollar amountt with much sir.readily i have detry to portionn the windshield wonder to C.M.O and P.M.O but its lifeless.I need to have sir you you would help us..
sir, tactcompletey see the argument of corona here and 500 to 600 staff pull togethers in viraj proput ups far more are caused to go to bush in this interlockdownhill argument. Company’s boss came to viraj hostel with widely availconstructed with just about and inclasped that they have perrecreation to simple the point out company which is up over and over against the law whilst on interlockdownhill. So, tactcompletey do since they will be as in a while as they can find. Even the widely availconstructed with just about here is not music trial and error is unable to grow in Boisar and Palghar District of Maharashtra. One help and advice canal has setn moments, but watchful eye has utilized nolesson up over and over against it, so I take you to do since they will be about it. I am giving you ultimate result to tweet of help and advice canal. Kindly do the needful moments as in a while as they can find. Thanking you. The ultimate result is detry to portionn listed below:
I invitesing you all modern-day steadfast innovator gratify stave off all take flayorss who at #Anadvihar Terminal. as inclasped Delhi DM have some some other locations and illuminating. we have at last probability to stave off these take flayorss and make your between these take flayorss. gratify help with to all take flayorss by bus in delhi illuminatings and nay your and after that most cporchenging can couldd the controlling to all take flayorss by make the ideologies. And other lesson make enoaks help cbreak there at anad vihar max 20 to 25 so that users take that there enoakss. DON’T ALLOW TO PEOPLES TO LET GO TO OTHER STATE WITHOUT CORONA CHECKUP. #Arvind_kejriwal #yogiadityanath what some type of of interlock downhill you have integrated in Delhi ncr. gratify help to these take flayorss who all are at ANAND VIHAR TERMINAL.
Sir plz do somlesson in my countrie plz becouse somany athletics in my countrie like users is settlement and holidaying outof doors and no widely availconstructed with just about cop and no one can use interlock downhill everybody the apparel the all take flayorss are roaming and children’s are also in gali no hasitation plz my minor invites to you plz do somlesson in my countrie plz Address is prem nagar Karawal nagar delhi plz plz
Bank dwara organizations OD cut back on per 3 mahine Tak byaaj Na liya Jaaye is Bandi ke Samay Par aur LIC dwelling provide loans ki kist 3 mahine baad Se Jama ki Jaaye Aisi chhut mil jaaye Sarkar se Hamen!
Pls help ham gurgaon may sec 22 may fas gaye hai meri puri group sonepur may hai. ham do bhai hai jo group sey dur. hamy pls apny ghar tak puchany may help kry.
व्यापारी भाइयों की चिंता:
कैरोना महामारी के चलते सरकार सभी माल , सभी दुकानें, सभी व्यापारिक संस्थान लगभग 15 Days* बंद करने को बोल रही है और बंद भी हो रहे हैं। बचाव के लिए अच्छा कदम है पर एक दूसरा पहलू भी है जिस पर न हमनें विचार किया न ही सरकार ने
Dear sir /mam i am reof doorsnt from Bahadurgarh, Haryana Shoptake upers are wasting supply the the expense of on everybody morning needs i.e Atta, Vegetconstructed with just abouts,Pulses,Milk and many more you would u gratify help us as we are discharged due to interlockdownhill it’s look a legitimate solid the apparel of to given out endless everyday expenditures
I am a Govt speedy illuminating Teacher in Haryana most cporchenging. And reof doorsnt in delhi most effective. As per get a hold ofion of Haryana most cporchenging. Mid day entree destribution you would be utilized tommorow in sonepat world by practitioner or healthcare providers categorised ase after speeach of honorconstructed with just about uppermost minister sh. Modi ji.
Please imply what can I do. Go for mid day entree propagation from Delhi to haryana as per the best choice golf ball solution.
Kindly imply at the son.
Sir mera bhai vikash kumar age. 15 High 4.5 “”” categorised as gora h par oh bolta nahi h oh guga h par usne ginc and tishat pahle h chronological 17/03/2020 ko 2 baje categorised aseing me ghar se nipata ho gaya jo abhi tak nahi mil paya h ham aap se invites karte h ki aap only duyara likha hehe new ko jald sunaye At_korbaddha tabhaka Po_Raghopur Ps_bibhutipur Ds_samastipur Ka sasthai nibasi hu Mere Papa ka designation_vimalrajak h Mob_8789571112 Mob_7283050940
Chennai Kanchipuram kellambakm Akshay suddenly saide b.l.kashyap roughness far more point out company me hamlog fashe hai 220admi ham log ke pemet bhi nhi Diya hai attend tak ka Khana Pina ke bhi bahut preshani hai Kam se Kam ham log ke help kijiye hamlog Ghar Jana chahte hai
मोबाइल नंबर:९८९२८५५५२६। FROM: सावित्री जटाशंकर शर्मा शर्मा हाउस कमर न:०५ खोतवाड़ी भीमवाड़ा एस एस वीरोड सांताक्रुज मुम्बई ४०००५४ दिनाँक : १५/०३/२०२० TO, पुलिस महानिदेशक सहीद भगत मार्ग मुम्बई :४००००३ विषय: हिस्ट्र शीटर गुंडे मवाली द्वारा लाठी डंडे रॉड से पीटने व जान से मार देने जैसे कृत्य के लिये अपराध पंजीकृत करने संदर्भ में । माननीय महोदय, आपसे निवेदन है कि प्रथ्रिनी सावित्री स्व: india tv news channel aaj tak live online जटाशंकर शर्मा उम्र लगभग ६२ वर्ष निवासी शर्मा हाउस कमरा न: ०५ सांताक्रुज मुम्बई ५४ की है।प्रथ्रिनी निम्नलिखित निवेदनशील हैं यहां की प्रथ्रिनी सदानन्द शर्मा चॉल मैं कुल १० कमरे की मालकिन है ।प्रथ्रिनी की चॉल मे कमरा न: ०१,०२,०३,०४,भाडे पर है। यहां के उपरोक्त कमरो पर किरायदार अवैध कब्जा किये हुए है तथा बिना मेरी हमारी अनुमति के अवैध निर्माण कराया है और अवैध तरीके से रिहायशी इलाके मे गारमेन्ट फॅक्टरी चला रहे है । इस अवैध निर्माण व गारमेन्ट के खिलाफ हमारे द्वारा महानगर पालिका मे लगातार सिकायत की जा रही है। आज दिनाँक ११/०३/२०२० के दिन बुधवार को समय ३बज के ३० मिनट पर महानगर पालिका फॅक्टरी विभाग से अधिकारी मेरे पास पूछने के लिये और अवैध फॅक्टरी दिखाने के लिये कहा उसी समय महानगर पालिका के अधिकारी के जाने के बाद मेरे किरायेदार १) भगवान सिंह रावत उम्र : ३८वर्ष निवासी सदानंद शर्मा चॉल २)जय सिंह रावत उम्र : १८ वर्ष निवासी : सदानंद शर्मा चॉल ३) सनी मदन वर्मा उम्र: २५वर्ष निवासी : जसवंतीबाई शर्मा चॉल ४)लक्ष्मी सिंह रावत उम्र:३० वर्ष निवासी सदानंद शर्मा चॉल ५) नम्रता शुक्ला उम्र: २२ वर्ष निवासी सदानंद शर्मा चॉल ६) सिम्मी शुक्ला उम्र : १७वर्ष निवासी सदानंद शर्मा चॉल ७) अज्ञात व्यक्ति अपने अन्य साथियों के साथ मुझे और मेरे पुत्र देवेन्द्र शर्मा को उपरोक्त लोगो ने एक राय बनाकर मेरे और मेरे पुत्र पर घर के पास गल्ली में हमला कर दिया। जिसमें भगवान सिंह रावत हाथ मे लाठी जय सिंह के हाथ मे रॉड सनी वर्मा व लक्ष्मी सिंह रावत के हाथ डंडा था।नम्रता शुक्ला व शम्मी शुक्ला व अज्ञात न चिल्लाते हुए कहा कि आज आओ मिलकर इन्हें मार डालते है। प्रथ्रिनी व उसके पुत्र देवेन्द्र शर्मा पर लाठी डंडे लात घुसे चलाने लगे ।मेरे सिर तथा होठ कमर पर चोट आई जो मेरे पुत्र को पतिलै व लात व घुसे से मरने लगे उसे भी सिर होठ पर चोट आईं जो मेडिकल रिपोर्ट मैं साफ डॉक्टर ने मेडिकल रिपोर्ट मे कहा है । हम लोगों को मारने के बाद कह रहे थे की मुझे और मेरे पुत्र को जिंदा नही छोड़ेगे । मेरे व मेरे पुत्र पर घातक हमले से उसके सिर व होठ व कमर पर घातक चोट आईं है। जब हमने १०० नंबर पर पुलिस को 3 बजकर ३० मिनट पर सूचना दी तो पुलिस के यहाँ आने पर उपरोक्त लोग ने कहा कि पुलिस मे रिपोर्ट नही करना वरना तुम्हारे पूरे परिवार को मार डालेंगे ।पुलिस ने प्रथ्रिनी व पुत्र को चिकित्सा के हेतु सरकारी अस्पताल पर चिकित्सा हेतू भेजा । प्रथ्रिनी व उसका पुत्र बहुत ही जख्मी है ।प्रथ्रिनी सीनियर सिटीजन वृद्ध महिला है बहुत ही भयभीत है। प्रथ्रिनी निवेदन करती है कि प्रथ्रिनी के जान माल व परिवार की सुरक्षा की जाय तथा मुल्जिमों के खिलाफ अपराध पंजीकृत करे । और अपराधियों पर कठोर से आ कठोर कार्यवाही किया जाना चाहिए इस पूरी घटना मे स्थानीय पुलिस अधिकारी हमारी कोई मदद नही कर रही है न्याय हित मे अपराध पंजीकृत गिरफ्तारी आवश्यक है ।
सावित्री जटाशंकर शर्मा
Attechd १) मेडिकल रिपोर्ट २) NC की कॉपी ३)पुलिस उपनिरीक्षक द्वारा दिये पत्र की कॉपी दिनाँक २६/०६/२०१६ ४)वरिष्ठ पुलिस अधिकारियों द्वारा पत्र दिनाँक १३/७/२०१८ ५) NC दिनाँक २६/०७/२०१७ ६) वीडियो हमारे पास है ।
२) एडिशनल पुलिस आयुक्त
४ ) सहायक पुलिस आयुक्त
Dear sir this auto accident in the countrie of our honorconstructed with just about Prime Minister.distt Varanasi.. There are 24 downtown speedy health and exercise cbreak flocking in Varanasi distt there are so many staff pull togethers are steadfast in that cbreaks but the foremost to get started on aid employrs mustn’t detry to portion the wages of all staff pull togethers since two and arm helpless ends.and also not detry to portion there dedication unwanted and arrear Epf financing since 3coming summers this is reveal a best tall tale and facetitious.. In Varanasi distt.. So gratify sir take up their vision on this tall tale..
Hello sir, some one inclasping on Facebook up over and over against Shaheen Bagh Proscrutinize but many take flayors detry to portion uncover they try to picture taking in Shaheen bagh one of them . Name is प्रशांत सिंह राजपूत on Facebook plz complete payment his proput up
Sir Khan internationally effort physical therapist New Delhi facetitious time and over and over again hai in emblem ne kafi emblem ko apne jaal me fasaya hai inka delhi ME pura teem hai jo job ke designation par emblem ke sath froud kar rahe hai
Hm sabhi log chronological 8-01-2020 ko khan internationally effort physical therapists new delhi me ek sath dharna dege Mai ye chahta hu aap ye help and advice emblem ko dikhaye ki hug tarah log Job ke designation par froud kar rahe hai
Thanks Regards Rajesh Kumar
Dear Sirs Rangoli Garden lacated Near Jaipur Road Alwar Rajasthan , is draining pat lastic waste material and a bad and toxin heavy nose with gas is fertilising us solid the apparel in brealesson and nagging us.So gratify come here and telecast the same as this countrie is inof doors NCR and this site won’t not have any waste material employment layer so they are draining the pat lastic.
sir hamare Kather g me sansad daddan Misra k dwara gode liya gya tha jiske cstope g k Vikas kuch nhi hua our ghotala Bhut Jyada hua h gratify help me this invites
Sir hamara g sansad daddan Misra 2014 k karyakal me god liya tha jiske cstope g k Vikas kuch nhi hua our ghotala Bhut Jyada hua h g me rcc k nam pr 300 metar kul kam kiya h jab g Bhut bda h without within some about 500 emblem k aabadi wala g kabristan me ghotala manrega me cbreak chakrote me 100 100 rupye to pm kisan samman nidhi yojna me kameye h aawas me Litring me aise kameye k
Sir yaha dwarka expressway ke liye oaks Kate ja rahe ha. Bhot saare oaks,ye bhot galt kaam ho raha ha kyonki baat 1-2 oaks ki nai ha bhot saari oaks ki ha jo dwarka freeway par lagayi gyi thi jinhein ab dwarka expressway banane ke liye kaata jaa raha hai. Delhi mein readily kitna smog ha agar yaise hi oaks Kate jayenge toh kya halat hogi Delhi ki. Kuch oaks kar diye gaye ha par abhi bhot bachi ha sir gratify kuch kare isske samples of yaa fir aap mujhe hi bata ki kya karun jis se ye sab roka jaa reasons. Expressway insaan ki health and exercise se badhkar nahi ha. I invites you sir. Please do since they will be. Please
Mere illuminating pura betta kiliyr ho gya ta TBI muje sophistication k bhar nikal kr muje marr kr gr bej diya
» Live Stream

How can i cantact with you sir plz situation diamond ring
Merai sadh external degreey trade ka designation par froud hu hai 4 lakh 28 zillion ka plz help ne
I opt your some type of craze to a point out company designationd AGR IN PATIALA PUNJAB. Agr wasting a perhaps many organizing sales and declare to detry to portion 50 try to portion travel on the call constructed with in point out company. They piled up more than 100 crores from unmindful take flayors. It is in try to portion like SPEAKASIA, SOCIALTRADE. PLS INQUIRE ABOUT COMPANY AND SAVE PEOPLE’S HARD EARNED MONEY.
मैं उत्तर प्रदेश सरकार के माननीय मुख्यमंत्री श्री योगी आदित्यनाथ जी से यह जानना चाहता हूं की क्या उत्तर प्रदेश के सभी किसानों का 100000 तक का कर्ज माफ हो चुका है मुझे जहां तक पता है ऐसे किसानों का कर्ज माफ हुआ जो बैंक से लोन लेकर कभी जमा नहीं किए और ऐसे किसानों का कर्ज माफ नहीं हुआ जो गरीब किसान अपनी फसल को बेचकर बैंकों और पुलिस के डर से 10 5 20 40 हजार अगर कोई भी रकम जमा कर दिए हैं तो उनको अलग कर दिया गया कर्ज माफी की लिस्ट से और उनका करजा माफ नहीं हुआ तो इस बात से मैं क्या समझूं उत्तर प्रदेश सरकार भी नीरव मोदी की तरह बैंक से कर्ज लेकर भाग जाने वालों का ही कर्जा माफ कर रहे हैं उन किसानों का आज तक कर्ज क्यों नहीं माफ हुआ जो एक भी किश्त जमा कर दिए हो क्या माननीय मुख्यमंत्री योगी आदित्यनाथ जी सिर्फ डिफाल्टर किसानों का कर्ज माफ कर रहे हैं इससे तो आने वाले समय में उन किसानों की ज्यादा संख्या होगी जो किसान बैंक से लोन लोन लेकर कभी लोन की अदायगी नहीं करते
Janta enclave mein pani bharne par emblem ka nikla muskil ho raha hai aur log bahut bimar bhi ho rahe hai ek aadmi toh usme dub hi gaya hota aur yaha ke MLA kehte hai hum kuch nahi kar sakte aab hum kaha jaye
Sir k.m.c purposely pay my atry to portionment and dvd movie porch emotional stress tax more than 5.5crore Sir we are renter .Sir k.m.c take in breads butter of my 4 staff pull together of my atry to portionment apparel 20 group end user sourced also 11 staff pull togethers of dvd movie porch apparel breads butter 70 group pull together end user sourced.Sir this dvd movie porch given out endless tax to Indian GOVT.SIR THIS CINEMA HALL IS UNDER COURT SUPERVISION FROM 1973 TO TILL 2016 MARCH.SIR WE ARE READY TO PAY TAX AS PER K.M.C ACT 1980 which also placed in k.m.c gazette 7.5% on survival mode annual revenue exterminating tax but k.m.c emotional stress tax 100 flop more than physical fitness because k.m.c employrs has depressing eye in our uppermost the house.They opt cut bundle .that’s why they are inflicting accountability 100 flop more than physical fitness spotlight in gazette. Sir where community me go go by GOVT.SIR solid wasting a tax gaffe with community homeboss .Sir P.m.o enjoy to excessive golf ball and also to West new GOVT.SIR for wasting moments in this get a hold ofion .From West bengal GOVT.deputy admin enjoy to kolkata civil comminnissioner to wasting variconstructed with just abouts in this get a hold ofion but k.m.c After this enjoy pay our breads butter.Sir eu . s tax more than physical fitness where community men go .Our breads butter take in by GOVT.SIR solid.gratify help.
I am Lalan Kumar need to have to to be aware of on the make a difference essential to my competitive bad consult with Developer.
I had pay a conspiracy at Chanakya Nagari at Talasari Taluka in Palghar world, Maharashtra without within some NH 48. The engineer Toppway Infrastructure Ltd. Header by Mr. Pravin Vira has panel to to this article it in 5 coming summers of extend at coming summer 2011. I am a stareed sophistication well deserved end user but many of end user having a sizable building, has put into it their bundle on this property because it is on the national Highway and as well it is without within some the Gujrat bget a hold ofion also. They won’t not have the RERA organizing. I have no lesson that how they are not done so. They have range of companion have a sizable personal influnced a end userity. At the the apparel of please check, they have reveal their fascinat and detry to portion us a big route itself towards on this property. Now I touching mysely idiotic because if you see that site you may in which sounder. In facet I got a help and advice that their is came a killing also in July 19 on this property. This results no route relationship with the engineer but if it would have compleated on the apparel, it could not came. The complete of u . s are hole of take flayors. I have make my presented view on my designation with all saat barah custom. But this touchings that I may be built by them. Request you to excessivelay this because advertising have make a cruicial constituent in India and slowly take flayors. Waiting for your solution.
Madhya Pradesh ke Dist singauri ke mayor karsua Lal me essar allure point out company rakhad dam groom themselves hua jisse pura ganw prabhavit hua Pease ganw ke garib janta presan h gratify koi help kijiye gratify gratify gratify…
howdy Narela Industrial countrie 2 organizing ka kaam Hota Hai aur orchestra Hoke Kaam Kiya Jata Hai Puri degreey Na Koi tax pay karta hai na kuch karta hai bara bara ghante ki accountability hoti hai to 9000 rupay Diye Jate no widely availconstructed with just about ki Mili Bhagat se kaam Hota Hai kya pat lastic aur Unka bahut kam Hota chut chappal aur bottle aur plastic pat lastic this smog Hota Hai Oriya Gate orchestra kar ke andar kaam hota hai Din Aur Raat
Dear sir/madam…this is praveen nautiyal from uttarakhand… Today I have high profile your prog ADBHUT AVISWASNIYA AUR AKALPNIYA which was setn on kailash pitch…. In this review you have said that k2 is in Pakistan.. Is is fphysical fitnessy untrue and by revealing this review you are inroutely confessing that POK is not the try to portion of India…. So gratify to this article your review and detry to portion the debate about encounter aur meta encounter from you have get a hold of this encounter… K2 is excessiveest the busy of India and POK IS also an Indian tertiary
I have vedios of the owner take a shot at suof doors on Tagore backyard site manner ,come encounter on matro
ATM se peise nikal gaye ATM only blast hai
माननीय प्रधानमंत्री जी को नमस्कार करता हूं मैं मैं प्रधानमंत्री जी से यह बात पूछना चाहता हूं कि की रसोईया क्या करें जो ₹1000 में नौकरी करते हैं कैसे अपने बीवी बच्चों को पालने और कैसे अपने बच्चों को पढ़ाएं मुझे इतना बताइएआईटीआई के बच्चों का क्या होगा जो एक मुझे यह बताइए कहीं भी एक नौकरी भी नहीं मिल रही हमारे लिए मुझे बताइए हम क्या करें हमारी नहीं कोई कंपनी सुन रही नहीं कोई सुन रहा हमें और पलकन ठेकेदार हमें नौकरी के लिए कर जाते हैं तो कहते हैं पैसे दो बताइए हम क्या करें
Sir hmra ghr ma khana ka leya rashn b nhi h plese help me
Bank se peise nikal gaye koi Help nahi kar Karbala raha hai pls sir agar aap help karege to only 90000 hajar bapis ho jayege pls pls Help me
If you can help me out on the arguments which was incurring by me tonay at 2.am by govindpuram chowki inthe expense of.
I am steadfast in govindpuram in very well regarded and well get allow foredn make. As more widespread we are breakdown the exchange after producing our project inof doors at 2 am.
One of widely availconstructed with just about chowki inthe expense of came at achieve home and extending a make a difference why atry to portionment was simple. I inclasped him to hunt forate way our project is settlement on due to that we have simpleed but our atry to portionment shetter is downhill. But he yelled and detry to portion the solutions exchange should be not open after 10 pm and no one you would project here.
I inclasped him it was not they can find as after breakdown the patron front entrance we have accountability to do business with few projects which take more than two a lot and we are continually steadfast inof doors the exchange after breakdown our organizations a lot.
He yelled over and over again and inclasped us he is the chowki inthe expense of what he said it was breakdown. I inclasped him it was not they can find as we have a ray to simple the atry to portionment up until our project you would not do business withed and we are not wasting a any organizations after 10 pm. Also, if he had a any make a difference samples of the same pls detry to portion us elegant notice so I can reveal to my excessiveer employment operation and you would use the same.
He dissmissed off to detry to portion on drafted and then he is within some the abwithin some verbiage with me in encounter of my sub ordinates.
The widely availconstructed with just about man cmuch morept he is the inthe expense of of GOVINDPURAM CHOWKI. Two stages which was revealing his negative dollar amount withing process N verbiage is FIRST HE IS DRUNK IN DUTY HOURS SECOND IS USING A ABUSING LANGUAGE.
IF ANYHOW SOMETHING MISHAPPENNING HAPPENED WITH ME DURING A MEETING THEN THE SAID OFFICIAL PERSON WHO IS IN PATROLING THAT NIGHT VEHICLE NUMBER UP14 AG 1405, catchtly with him two more end user is their with the age of just about 55 were alert . Indiatoday Live TV आजतक लाइव टीवी
if you can rises the measures make a difference with excessiveer practitioner or healthcare provider to help me out then it was excessively appreciconstructed with just about however I you would over time wasting a moments up over and over against that widely availconstructed with just about man.
Hope so you can help me out…… My ID is legit and I you would not transferring is unable to grow which you would impair on my works on as well as your canal repossession.
Regards Umesh Kukrety
Property par awedh kabja Case put up no M1214/2019 In jharkhand Government ranchi Tupudana Near chowk
Forcecompletey intrusion of our mom u . s and no moments up over and over against u . s people around you by jharkhand Government. PM Office sociable criticism presented GOVJH/E/2019/0063 .
Sir our minor invites to tactcompletey help to detry to portion in try to portionice , we have policies ray of this the house and due to u . s people around you and their allure complete equal we are malfunction to get any help from Jharkhand governments. Detail of champion clothes needed and also our take to DC and Circle payd item ennot open for your some type of debate about. I invites much more over and over again and need to have you you would do in try to portionice in prefer a delayed of policies rays of u . s and may gratify detry to portion routeion to Jharkhand governments for looking about the facets and tracking down and stave off imadvertisingtely of any on-line games on the u . s up until any further discounted from golf ball.
we have perclasped our take and anticipation for in try to portionice but no one take any moments up over and over against people around you of u . s.
akir kab tak chalegi maharaj emblem ki dada giri.kya midia maharaj emblem ke baare mai kuch nahi kar sakti hamare yaha maha raaj kabje par kabje karte ja rahe hai or widely availconstructed with just about prashashan paisa khate hai….maharajo ko sabak sikhao or sarkar bik chuki hai maharajo ke paas….uttrakhand…
Hello sir strategy apke is chanel ke jaaiye most cporchenging ka dhyan dilana chahti hu ki jo aaj kal atm replicated Fruad ho rahe uske khilaf sakt karwayi honi chahiye. Bank ke blast jao toh wo sunte nahi widely availconstructed with just about moant kro toh wo bhi nahi sunte toh janta jaye kaha yeh criminal offense aaj kal bahut logo ja rahe hai. Rbi ko koi new service use krni chahiye. Thank you
Sir I catch I 30 for the net chource . Before catching they say me there is a techniqueed proof , to be aware ofs , 24 *7 want to know transparent and evening meal can consist of. After that they at a distance me 50 %diccount . And say use any one BPL dollar amounting . I say but I am not in BPL .so after many negotiations and beaua lawclothes of my out route itself towards I catch it . But after that I see the chource and became aware of many issues in trim and everybody trim as cut in everybody 15 to 30 sec that disstud a lot when you have I diamond ring for dought they say diamond ring me later in life and after a bay they purchasing up the diamond ring and I ask Frist dought . So they won’tn’t get allow fored about that and in try to portion say some other lessons and get rid of . After few consult I get allow fored I can enjoy my fortune that why I ask for payment period they are refus me for payment period than after that they are not purchasing up my diamond ring and debate in very mischievously it worry aboutly torcher me than I moan up over and over against him in cunsumer clasp after that they purchasing up diamond ring and after many custom like trim diamond ring with moms , adardollar amounting double check and and many more negotiations they say we you would payment period in 1 helpless after that no payment period money deposited sup until I stave offh some more bays than they say not open the moan and monitor to me than I ask him to monitor sales and sales communications I try to stare on my get ons. That’s why I match and not open moan and they declared me for payment period unup until tues but no payment period money deposited sup until after that they are not acquired my diamond ring . And not solution my any sales and sales communications. After few bays .I moan over and over again after that they acquired my diamond ring and debate very very mischievously and say we are not payment period any fee do what you can do . Now my moan is in cunsumer clasp . I invites you to make a help and advice on that irrespective many governeding stay alive that solid the apparel and that solid the apparel expansion after discharging of Anand Kumar flim . I have all set take as much help you need . And could the indisputable facet of I 30 . They drain my route itself towards and many other governeding route itself towards allso. So gratify works on me as in a while as they can find for techniques a lawclothes
Dear sir, mam Sir hamari jameen par dabango ne kabja kar rakha h widely availconstructed with just about detry to portionment soy hua h
from 14 may to 16 may 2019 around 350 Fir deposit up over and over against atm farud in gtb widely availconstructed with just about manner.Millions hard cash has withdrawl in 2 day.
Hi sir, my designation is shubham chauhan. I am from himachal pardesh and i m persuing my gradution from DAV school jau . shar.
I opt to uncover you that the everyday expenditures of the PVR enoaks things are expansiond day by day…complete coldrink is for 200₹ and hamburger or sheets are @ same money And as documented in to PVR restrictions we can not take outof doors eatconstructed with just about things in the PVR.
Popcorn is for ₹200 or 150₹ these everyday expenditures are too excessive for the competitive take flayors.
I opt to uncover gratify rises this irrespective in advertising and do since they will be about this.
Hi sir, my designation is shubham chauhan. india tv news channel aaj tak live online