Where are the green laser pointers sold in the UK?

Where are the green laser pointers sold in the UK?

The laser in the laser pointer is the light emitted during the energy transition of the particles around the atom after being excited by photons. It has the characteristics of high brightness, high directivity, high monochromaticity and high coherence. The beam can be accurately focused on the focal point, and produce a high power density, so that high temperature is generated near the focal point, that is, the thermal effect of the laser.

Where are the green laser pointers sold in the UK?

Early laser pointers used helium-neon (HeNe) gas lasers with a wavelength of 633 nanometers (nm), which were usually used to generate laser beams with an energy of no more than 1mW. The cheapest laser pointer uses a deep red laser diode with a wavelength close to 670/650nm. The more expensive one uses a red-orange diode with a wavelength of 635nm, which is easier to recognize by the human eye. There are also laser pointers of other colors, the most common is green light with a wavelength of 532nm.
In addition to safety, the laser pointer must also be used with caution. In the art gallery, because some paintings may be afraid of light, laser pointers are not suitable for use. In the zoo, to avoid frightening the animals, laser pointers should not be used either.

Astronomy enthusiasts should pay attention when using the laser pointer to point the star. They should not use the pointing star frequently and for a long time, so as not to hinder other people’s stargazing and photography. In crowded public places, to avoid accidentally hurting others, you should stop using laser pointers. Some high-power laser pointers have obvious thermal effects and cannot be used continuously for a long time, especially solid-state lasers that are sensitive to temperature.

Although the laser pointer is powerful, it can do many impossible tasks. It is well received by consumers in the market. But pay attention to safety when using it.


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