Advantages of green laser pointer

Advantages of green laser pointer

People are not unfamiliar with lasers, ranging from children’s laser toys to large laser transmitters. Their strengths are different and their uses are quite different. There are a variety of laser products on the market, one of which is a laser pointer, and the most popular laser pointer is the green laser pointer. Not only because of its own color, but also because of its power, so it has been warmly welcomed in various fields.

   (1) Advantages of green laser pointer

1 Compared with ordinary red, blue, and yellow laser pointers, this green laser pointer is not only more special in color, but also because green is more condensed and more conspicuous, so in the process of use, its The beam of light is brighter than the red laser pointer and the blue laser pointer.

  2 Compared with other types of laser pointers on the market, green laser pointers have relatively simple raw materials, and the production process is not simpler than red laser pointers. Therefore, the price is relatively cheap and has a very good competitive advantage.

  3 Compared with laser pointers of other colors, the beam of the green laser pointer is less harmful to the eyes, and it is easier to gather light. Since the spectrum of the human eye in the green region is the most sensitive compared to the spectrum of other color regions, it looks brighter and has a better display effect when used.

  (2) Features of green laser pointer

  The wavelength of the green laser pointer is also 808nm, and after frequency multiplication, it produces a 532nm green laser. Moreover, the green laser has a good display effect at night. It can reduce the cooling phenomenon by pulse or continuous mode, so the green laser pointer has a relatively long service life. Moreover, the green laser pointer has many kinds of output power, each of which has a different effect, and the most used and safest is the power of 5MW.

   (3) The field of use of the green laser pointer

The green laser pointer is often used in academic lectures or classroom projection lectures; some astronomers also like to use this laser pointer to point the positions of stars and constellations; there are also many staff using it for business presentations; those People who like to travel in the wild like to carry a green laser pointer, which is generally used to indicate distant targets or send out a distress signal; even in many entertainment venues, large green laser pointers are used to increase the atmosphere of the scene. and many more.


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