Ranking of China’s top ten shopping malls in 2021

First place: Wanda Group·Wanda Plaza (Dalian)

Wanda Plaza is undoubtedly the most successful and well-known commercial brand in China, which generally includes shopping malls, entertainment centers and urban apartments. Wherever they are built, they often become local landmarks. Today, Wanda Plaza has also developed from the first-generation single store and the second-generation combination store to the third-generation urban complex. Every Wanda Plaza has a prosperous city center. “Wanda Plaza is the center of the city.” Wanda Group has positioned Wanda Plaza as it is currently spreading across many large and medium-sized cities in the motherland.

Second place: COFCO·Joy City (Beijing)

The concept of Joy City was inspired by a gathering of President Ning Gaoning of COFCO and Chinese scholars Wen Huaisha, Ouyang Zhongshi and Liu Xianyin. As a native of Confucius, he read “The Analects” at night. The inspiration from the “far away come” means to give pleasant enjoyment to those who come. Joy City is an “international youth city complex” elaborately created by COFCO’s commercial real estate sector strategic deployment. It is positioned as a multi-young style of fashion, fashion, sexy, and trend, and is an outstanding masterpiece of modern large-scale shopping malls.

The third place: China Resources Group · Vientiane City (Shenzhen)

MIXC (MIXC) is a high-quality shopping mall developed by the Fortune 500 company China Resources Group. MIXC advocates an international consumption concept, demonstrates fashionable taste and elegant style, and leads a new lifestyle and consumption trend. Vientiane City strives to promote “one-stop” consumption and “experiential” shopping, all-inclusive and everything, bringing consumers brand-new consumption concepts and life experiences.

Fourth place: Galaxy Group·COCO Park (Shenzhen)

COCO Park is the country’s first scene-style park version of the leisure shopping experience center. The new commercial representative of Shenzhen’s CBD section. Futian COCO Park, which was the first to open in 2006, has a sunken open-air plaza of 6000 square meters, nine free import and export, and 12 commercial buildings. Street, 5 natural light atrium, more than 150 international and domestic well-known brands. Many people who are engaged in commercial real estate come to Shenzhen and regard COCO Park and Vientiane City as two mandatory inspection projects.

Fifth place: Hang Lung Group · Plaza 66 (Shanghai)

Hang Lung Group was founded in 1960 and is one of the most experienced listed companies in Hong Kong. It enjoys a respected status in Hong Kong and Mainland China and is recognized as a top quality property developer. In the early 1990s, it carried out the expansion strategy in the Mainland and concentrated on the development of commercial real estate projects in the “best locations in the hugely populated city”. In 1992, he led the advance force in Shanghai to build two landmark projects-Plaza 66 and Grand Gateway 66.

Sixth place: Teemall Group·Teemall (Guangzhou)

TEEMALL is a large-scale and fully functional modern comprehensive shopping center. After ten years of operation, it was once known as the “China’s No. 1 Shopping Mall”. Teemall integrates shopping, tourism, food, entertainment, leisure, business, advertising, information, exhibitions, sports and other functions in one, literally “moving Beijing Road into Teemall Plaza”, creating a brand new kind in Guangzhou The concept of consumption has raised the commercial development of Guangzhou to a new level.

Seventh place: Sun Hung Kai Properties, IFC (Shanghai)

The Shanghai International Finance Center is located in the prosperous commercial center of Lujiazui, Pudong. It has an excellent location and was designed by many of the world’s top architects. The overall architectural design is managed by Caesar Pelli, the grand master in charge of the Hong Kong International Finance Center, and the shopping mall is managed by Hong Kong apm. Benoy Architects, the world’s top international famous teacher, is responsible. The project includes a large international shopping mall with an area of ​​more than 1.1 million square feet, a Grade A office commercial building with the appearance of twin towers, and two world-class hotels. With world-class architectural design and quality, as well as a unique modern appearance, it will set a new landmark for Shanghai upon completion.

Eighth place: CapitaLand Raffles City (Shanghai)

The Raffles brand originated in Singapore in 1986 and is a large shopping mall developed and managed by CapitaLand Group. It is the most exemplary comprehensive landmark project under the group. The company defines Raffles City as a “city within a city”. It is not only a city landmark, but also an important symbol of the urbanization process. It perfectly integrates residential, shopping malls, office buildings, and services. Apartments, hotels, and other business formats are used to create economic complexes in urban hubs to enhance the value of life and business in the area and optimize the city’s commercial structure.

Ninth place: Yintai Group · Yintai Center (Beijing)

Yintai Center is a high-end commercial complex built by Yintai Group. The volume is generally about 300-600,000 square meters. It is located in the core business district of first-tier cities and economically developed capital cities. It adopts international design and construction standards and brings together internationally renowned luxury Branded shopping malls, luxury hotels, Grade A smart office buildings and high-end apartments are integrated into one, becoming a landmark building in the city where the project is located.

Tenth: Guohua Real Estate·China Central Place (Beijing)

Beijing China Central Place is located 896 meters east of Chang’an Avenue Guomao Bridge, a landmark mega-scale commercial building cluster of one million square meters on East Chang’an Avenue. As a product of the 21st century, China Central Place’s forward-looking international design concept and the integration of international-level business resources are dedicated to creating products that are one century ahead. Its appearance has moved the prosperous CBD area to the east. This magnificent international commercial building complex will become the first beautiful landscape along the Guobin Road into Chang’an Avenue and establish a CBD business landmark.


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