How to select products for Black Five Net One in 2021?

Next week, there are two festivals that the seller is most concerned about: Black Friday and Collection Monday, referred to as “Black Five Nets One”. The probability of breaking orders is the highest on these two festivals in a year. The right and wrong of the selection of the products in the first year of college has partially influenced the sales volume of the store. This work will talk about how the black five nets select products.

  1. According to the taste of previous years, these products are relatively popular: mothers and babies, leisure, beauty, personal care, clothing, luggage, electronics. We might as well explore the target product here, and then care about the number of brands and category trends it cares about.
  2. Understand the list. It started with the list of the Fifth National Congress of the Communist Party of China on the site: best sellers, hot new releases, movers & shakers, most wished for and gift ideas. Sellers need to check and comprehend these top 5 lists frequently. They are the products that Amazon Big Data understands and can truthfully show users’ purchasing preferences.
  3. To be oriented towards the consumption of shopping malls and the needs of buyers. Women and children know that there will be a variety of holidays next week, such as Easter, Dade Day, etc., and the purchase needs of consumers are also more exciting, so we can choose according to the purchase needs and preferences of consumers. Come and adopt. For example, for Easter, local residents in the United States of America need to wear red knitted sweaters on the night of Ningjing night. The attire should not be too thick, and home-style draw-up suits are often more sought-after.
  4. Accurate positioning. We are adopting a product’s effort. To be precise in the sales positioning of this product is to follow the road of fast sales and still the brand road. At the same time, we may as well check the acceptance of this product in the market according to the high traffic in the peak season.
  5. Logistics effectiveness. The product selection cycle should not be too long during the peak season every year. Even if ocean transportation is used, the capital turnover rate must be negotiated, although the use of products that are bulky and prohibit air transportation should be avoided. The first process discusses the actual effect of logistics, and the final process discusses the logistics cost.

Black five nets a popular product recommendation:

Amazon’s popular categories: wireless, leisure, clothing, computers and accessories, electronic products

Ebay sought-after categories: smart products, car and motorcycle products, winter clothes, fashionable products

Wish popular categories: accessories, fashion, preferences, leisure makeup, mothers and babies

AliExpress popular categories: 3c digital accessories, dredge outdoor, auto and motorcycle parts and accessories, daily household appliances, leisure residence, etc.

For example:

3c electronic category: Headphones, play headphones, Bluetooth speakers; office tables, chairs, benches, mice, keyboards, electric paper shredders; walkie-talkies; big brother brackets; headphone maintenance boxes

Idle kitchen appliances and patios: robot sweeps, handheld vacuum cleaners, glass cleaners; shelving, storage; vegetation fills, gardening watering, lawn trimmers; outdoor patio sofas, tables, chairs, benches, barbecues, shelters, lighting; patio Holiday makeup, holiday makeup light string

Beauty and personal care and accessories: smart hair brushes, hair straighteners; body fat scales, massage products; cat eyes, watches; makeup brushes, makeup eggs, beards and hair; beard care kits, massage combs, polished nail removers

Above is a small selection of products for the black five nets one, deliberately helping you.

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